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Robisearch is an ICT business organization that deals with ICT based solutions. We have been in the industry since 2011. Our main activity is software developement.


Below are some of our services and solutions:
1. Various school management systems.
2. Website design and Mobile Applications developments.
3. Bulk SMS /Short code systems.
4. Various biometric and Smart card services.
5. Point of Sale ( POS) System.
6. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
7. Digital signatures system.
8. Property Management System (PMS).
9. Software developments and consultations .
10. CCTV installation and Networking services..
11.Supply and maintenance of various systems.
12. Free ICT Base awareness and training to schools.

Feel free to contact us:
Email :info@robisearch.com
Phone: 0734575063
Phone: 0716413386
Experiencing any problem? Send an email to info@robisearch.com or follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. . You can also view more on our website